Henry Douglas Mackaman Scholarship Application

The Henry Mackaman award has been established to honor and remember the life of Henry Mackaman. Henry was a musician and writer who graduated posthumously from the University of Wisconsin Madison with dual degrees in Economics and English/Creative Writing after just three years of study. Henry studied abroad and called the experience one of the best of his life. He died on 10 April 2013 from an attack of spinal meningitis. He was 21 and an alum of The Catalyst Program.

HDM awards vary according to the program you’re planning to study on, with The Catalyst awards ranging from $250—$1500 and The Village Awards ranging from $500—$2000. Applications must be postmarked no later than 11 March for students of The Catalyst and 1 May for students on The VIllage.

Please print, sign and date your completed form below and scan/send via email to dougmackaman@gmail.com or else mail it to:


416 Laurel Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55120

What is your name?

What school do you attend?

What is the biggest travel experience you’ve ever had?







Whom do you most wish in the whole world could do your study-abroad experience with you and why?







To whom will you be sending a post card of thanks from somewhere during your study-abroad program, and for what will you be thanking this particular person?


What’s a book you’ve read that really sticks with you and why?







Describe your financial need:








What is your GPA in your major?

What is your major?

Why did you select your major and how do you feel now about that choice?






How do you imagine your study-abroad experience will impact your life?









What part of your self and how you are with people do you most want to see change or develop in the coming few years?











How do you express your creativity?








How do you see yourself as a leader and/or as someone who feels strongly attached to a particular community and wants to make a difference therein?













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